IEARN Learning Circle - Places and Perspectives - Middle School

 Project Idea – Teaneck, NJ

Teacher - Jessie Gorant 

E-mail : 

Goal Of The Project: To learn more about the daily lives of the students in our learning circle including your food, traditions, activities, school life, goals and dreams .


What is your everyday life like?

What are your routines?

What do you do during the school day?

What kinds of food do you eat on a daily basis?

What are the traditions that influence your daily life?

What are your goals and dreams for the future?

Files Received from khuzama-Jordan : 

samer adli.doc samer adli.doc
Size : 2822 Kb
Type : doc
moath yaseen.doc moath yaseen.doc
Size : 1648 Kb
Type : doc

Files Sent To Jordan :  

9411_Favorite_Quotes_Project.pptx 9411_Favorite_Quotes_Project.pptx
Size : 850.283 Kb
Type : pptx
9412_isabella_and_shahanas.docx 9412_isabella_and_shahanas.docx
Size : 974.896 Kb
Type : docx

Files sent to Belarus - irina : 

9414_My_Quotes-Miguel_Sosa__U_MAD_BRO.docx 9414_My_Quotes-Miguel_Sosa__U_MAD_BRO.docx
Size : 537.063 Kb
Type : docx
9416_bald_eagle.docx 9416_bald_eagle.docx
Size : 201.251 Kb
Type : docx
9417_Endangered_Bobcats_by_Sarah.pptx 9417_Endangered_Bobcats_by_Sarah.pptx
Size : 536.574 Kb
Type : pptx

 Files sent To Amy :

9418_Endangered_Species_By_Alex_Salguero.docx 9418_Endangered_Species_By_Alex_Salguero.docx
Size : 625.838 Kb
Type : docx
9419_Plant_Life_In_Teaneck,_New_Jersey.pptx 9419_Plant_Life_In_Teaneck,_New_Jersey.pptx
Size : 888.191 Kb
Type : pptx

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