IEARN Learning Circle - Places and Perspectives - Middle School

 Name of Project  :  It takes all kinds to make the world

Teacher : Irina Volynets .

E-mail : 

Goal of the Project:

To motivate children to investigate their local ecosystem  in order to see its biodiversity (that is the species of animals, insects, birds that inhabit it and species of plants(flowers, trees, bushes, etc. growing there ) and see the wide range of animals that are in danger of becoming extinct. The students will realize that they’ve got a power to save the animals in the places where they live and take care of the Earth’s biodiversity.

Questions to answer:

 Choose one species of mammals (birds, insects) and describe it:

1.    Its size (How big is it?How much does it  weigh?)

2.    Food (What does it eat?)

3.    The animal’s habits

4.    The animal’s habitat (Where does it live? Where does it make its home? (a nest, a tree, a cave, the ocean)

5.    What other facts can you find about the animal?

6.    Why is it endangered?

7.    What can we do to help this animal so it is not gone forever?

Choose one species of plants and describe it and its habitat and tell us why it is in danger.

10752_teachers_quotations.pptx 10752_teachers_quotations.pptx
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12534_Three_my_favorite_books.pptx 12534_Three_my_favorite_books.pptx
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Files sent from Irina to Amy : 

13287_Matricaria.pptx 13287_Matricaria.pptx
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13289_Plants.pptx 13289_Plants.pptx
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13288_Rare_plants.pptx 13288_Rare_plants.pptx
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10642_Plants_in_our_yards.pptx 10642_Plants_in_our_yards.pptx
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Files Received for my project :

1 - from Jordan ( ZPC ) Pioneer Center For Gifted Students:

to irina volynets1.doc to irina volynets1.doc
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to irina volynets2.doc to irina volynets2.doc
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2 - files from Jessie - USA : 

9416_bald_eagle.docx 9416_bald_eagle.docx
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9418_Endangered_Species_By_Alex_Salguero.docx 9418_Endangered_Species_By_Alex_Salguero.docx
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9417_Endangered_Bobcats_by_Sarah.pptx 9417_Endangered_Bobcats_by_Sarah.pptx
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Files received from Olga - Belarus : 

9999_animals.pptx 9999_animals.pptx
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Type : pptx

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